ECG 2012: Belgium-Group: Eri-Senpai, Soph-Hime & Saya-Shinigami

Monday 28 November 2011

So today we have the Belgian Group contestant’s.
Soph, Saya and I XD won the selections at Japan Expo Belgium. We won with our Petshop of Horrors Cosplay.

At the finals we cosplayed the blue serpent version of the Fighter, Wizard and Elementalist of the MMORPG Granado Espada

Selection performance video
Finals performance video

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Soph-Hime: My name is Soph, I’ve been into cosplay since fall 2009. Back then I was 21 and had no idea cosplay could be so much fun. I’m also full-time Interior Designer with a love for doing creative things as (of course) cosplay, drawing & designing things.

Eri-Senpai: Well I’m Eri-Senpai



the webmaster of E-chan XD yeah it’s weird interviewing myself XD I was born in Japan but live in Belgium now ^__^ I’m a IREG-Engineer ( for those who ask’s WTF is this? well it’s something in the Telecom XD) I love cosplay and working on my website



Saya-Shinigami: Hi, I’m Saya, often called ‘the (professional) idiot’. I’m a shy person when you first meet me, but once I get to know people I can be very outgoing and insane.

Q: How old are you?

Soph-Hime: I was born on the 21 April 1987 so that makes me 24 now.

Eri-Senpai: I am 26 years old but I feel like 18 XD

Saya-Shinigami: I’m 22 years old.

Q: What attracts you to cosplay?

Soph-Hime: What attracts me most are the personalities of characters, you don’t cosplay someone you don’t like. You can’t be a character if you don’t know them. It’s important to act as your character would.

Eri-Senpai: Well I dunno actually. different reasons attract me to cosplay. I love watching anime, manga and playing games. and when I love a character I want to cosplay it, of course there are some costumes I would like to cosplay just because the design is freaking awesome :p Also another reason is to learn people who are crazy as me or more XD

Saya-Shinigami: The chance to be as creative as you want, create costumes from scratch and impersonate the character. But most importantly the chance to meet new people who share common interests.

Q: What do you do outside of cosplay?

Soph-Hime: A lot of my free time goes to cosplay during weekdays but in weekends and when I don’t work on cosplay I spend my time with my boyfriend and from time to time meet up with other friends (cosplay and non-cosplay related).

Eri-Senpai: Well I work



so can’t do much during the working week. besides that you can call me a computer addict, working on E-chan :p , surfing, watching show online, gaming. I also love to roleplay, play board games, go out with friends, … Besides that my free times goes to housekeeping and I have my husband to take care of ;p or is it maybe the opposite? who knows :p

Saya-Shinigami: I’m a full-time student, and when I do have some free time I love reading books, watching movies, gaming or meeting up with friends

Q: When did you start cosplaying and how long?

Soph-Hime: I’ve been into cosplay since fall 2009 so now It’s my 3rd year of cosplay.

Eri-Senpai: I started cosplaying in 2007. so that about 4 years now. Damn 4 years >_<

Saya-Shinigami: I’ve been cosplaying since 2007, so 4 years now.

Q: Have you entered a cosplay competition before? Have you won prizes before?

Soph-Hime: I’ve entered a few competitions before and won only once with a group but I’ve never entered big ones like ECG selections. It was a first timer for me and we won 1st price with our Pet Shop of Horrors group at Japan Expo Belgium. At first I couln’t believe it. I’m so proud because the group has spent lots time and worked on it for so long. In the end I’m so glad our efforts paid off.

Eri-Senpai: I’ve entered quite a lot of compo’s actually. I like going on stage in a GROUP, wouldn’t dare to go solo XD so if there is a chance to participate and if I’m in a group I would defo join in a compo. And I may have won a few prizes in the past.

Saya-Shinigami: Yes I have and won a few prices, but never entered a competition as big as the ecg.

Q: How did you find your teammates?

Soph-Hime: Me, Saya and Eri know each other from before and we’ve also cosplayed a few series together. We got to know each other through conventions and meet-ups. A plus is that we don’t live to far away from each other.

Eri-Senpai: Well Saya en Soph were my bridesmaids at my wedding XD We did a few groups in the past, and will hopefully continue doing this in the future


Saya-Shinigami: I’ve known Eri & Soph for a while now, and we’ve cosplayed groups together before, so cosplaying together for the ecg was a very natural choice.

Q: Was the cosplay chosen by a team leader or was the cosplay chosen in group?

Soph-Hime: I can’t really remember how we got the idea, but I know all 3 of us wanted to participate in a ECG group. We were all interested in cosplaying someday Pet Shop of Horrors so that’s how it was decided.

Eri-Senpai: There isn’t really a team leader we’re friends and decide in group. Petshop of horrors was on my wish list, I would have cosplayed it even if I didn’t join the ECG. I knew that Soph also loved the Petshop of Horrors, soooo you could kinda say I kinda pushed the idea in the group.;)

Saya-Shinigami: We don’t really have a leader so deciding the cosplay was a group decision.

Q: What made you want to attempt this costume?

Soph-Hime: Pet Shop of Horrors is a rather old manga that also has a 4 episode anime. I was drawn to it because of the drawing style and the Chinese/mystical/horror aspect of the series. I began reading and as I got more sucked in to the manga I began to think “I’d love to cosplay this!”. The challenge of it was the entire costume, I’ve never made anything that big and detailed before. We designed patterns and glued in total around 13 000 rhinestone on our costumes. That’s a challenge on it’s own!

Eri-Senpai: To be honest I wanted to cosplay Medusa from Petshop of Horror’s. when I cosplay I try to pick characters that hasn’t been cosplayed too much. and Medusa had been done quite a few times. Then I saw the Phoenix! I just had to do her. She may had have a little role in the series, but I still wanted to cosplay her.

Saya-Shinigami: While reading the manga I fell in love with the character and I could really identify myself with him. The fact I like about this costume is that you can choose your own colour of fabrics, since the only reference were the manga scans.

Q: did you frequently discuss how to make the costumes or did everyone make the costumes alone?

Soph-Hime: When you’re in a group you can ask team members for feedback. That’s why we decided to get together once every week to discuss our progress and to help each other with more difficult stuff. We also had a group on Facebook where we could post photo’s, ask questions and help each other when needed.

Eri-Senpai: We discussed a lot on facebook. Every update, every question, … was asked on Facebook. Luckey we lived near each other. We decided to get together weekly. We all made our own costumes but asked advise to each other. But glueing on the diamonds on my “wings” took forever that I asked my team mates to help me. The props were made together of course ^^ Sadly I didn’t have a car so Saya en Soph did do a lot which I am very grateful for! <3

Saya-Shinigami: We met up once a week to help each other, ask feedback and discuss opinions and we also had a group on Facebook. It really was a group project.

Q: How much time and money did the costume cost to make?

Soph-Hime: I bought all my fabrics in February 2011 at Stoffenspektakel in Ghent. It’s like a big indoor market where you can buy fabric that is cheaper than average fabric stores. It’s also an opportunity to find fabrics that are hard to find. I don’t know exactly how much this costume has cost me but I think it will be around 200 euros everything included.

Eri-Senpai: To be honest I have no clue. If I have to guess I think it would be 200-250€

Saya-Shinigami: To be honest I didn’t really count how much this costs me but I’m guessing around 150 euro for the fabrics, wigs and materials.
I think we worked about 4 months on our costumes, on and off.

Q: What was your first thought when they announced you had won the selections?

Soph-Hime: When they were announcing the 2nd place group winner we held each others hand and were praying that our efforts weren’t for nothing. The cosplay level was so high we had no idea who’d win because everyone did a wonderful job on their costumes. Then they called our group’s name and we were going wild hugging each other, screaming and going “Oh my gosh we won, we won, we won!” It was amazing!

Eri-Senpai: Well to be honest I wasn’t really nervous cause I didn’t expect to win… I was kinda hoping for second or third place… yeah low self-esteem I guess XD actually to be honest I was kinda rooting for another group because I loved their costumes and they were my personal friends. I was in shock I didn’t realize we won until recently XD… I’m already kinda stressed for the finals. XD To be near all the professionals.. I’m already scared XD

Saya-Shinigami: ‘no way’ was the first thing that crossed my mind. I really didn’t expect us to win. To be honest I was a huge fan of the Aion group, and when they announced they placed second, I was just confused xD Before they announced the winner we held hands.

Q: What advice would you give to cosplayers who want to make this cosplay?

Soph-Hime: People who’d try to attempt cosplaying Count D should put a lot of patience and love in it. I had my days when I was raging over little things that didn’t go well but then you should calm down and try again even if it takes 10 attempts for it to work out.

Eri-Senpai: Well eum kill the wig and don’t go for Organza XD nah kidding.

A good tip always think twice before you cut in fabric! I didn’t have enough fabric to start over…

also I hate organza now. be sure to find a good way to finish it cause my overlocker kept ripping the fabric. And if you’re considering to glue on diamonds, be sure to have friends to help you. I can tell glueing on 8000 diamonds took a lot of time!

Saya-Shinigami: Find lots of references, plan and give yourself time. This actually counts for every cosplay you make. Though the most important thing is to HAVE FUN!

Q: What advice would you give to cosplayers about presenting yourself on stage in a contest?

Soph-Hime: The most important thing is that your costume is accurate to the design you’ve send in. Having a good skit makes up for some parts that your costume lacks. The better your skit and costume is the more chances you have on winning. One last thing is that you should enjoy yourself, feel comfortable in your costume and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Eri-Senpai: Try to be original on stage. If I can advice you don’t go for singing/dancing acts for big compo’s. But the most important tip I can give is have fun and don’t do some act you don’t like.

Saya-Shinigami: Like I said, enjoy yourself and have fun. I know there’s a lot of stress and panic but in the end all that counts is if you had fun.
Other than that, try to have a skit that captures the audience and make sure your cosplay is finished (no unfinished edges young man/lady! xD)

Q: Do you have an account with the website social networking sites?

Soph-Hime: You can find me on
Facebook: Soph Hime

Eri-Senpai: XD a little promotion for my website like the page on Facebook :p
Deviantart: chibi-eri

Saya-Shinigami: You can find me on: (though most of my sites need updating!)
Facebook: Saya Shinigami
(fb page) Saya Shinigami Cosplay
Deviantart: Sayashinigami 56853

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