Eurocosplay 2010: Finland: Maiju

Monday 6 September 2010

Maiju won with her Balthier costume at the preselections at Desucon in Finland. Act start’s at 4:20

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?Hello, my name is Maiju and I’m a 4th year university student studying arts and crafts education.

Q: How old are you?

I’m 22.

Q: When did you start cosplaying and how long for?

I started cosplaying in 2003 and I’ve been doing this since. All in all seven long years.

Q: What attracts you to cosplay?

I’ve always liked making things with my hands, sewing, drawing, sculpting etc. When it comes to cosplay, I love how I have to solve everything by myself – there are no instructions how to make a certain costume/prop, you have to try and learn from your errors to learn how to costruct something you’ve never made before. Many costumes defy gravity, pattern making and the way fabric works, but being able to overcome all those challenges is amazingly rewarding when you finally find a solution that you’ve been looking for.

Q: What do you do outside of cosplay?

I play videogames a lot, dance hiphop, hang out with my friends, play with my dog. And study.

Q: Have you entered a cosplay competitions before? Have you won prizes before?

Yes, quite a few, I love competing. I have also won a few prizes.

Q: Was this your first con? If not, how many conventions have you attended before?

No, I’ve been going to cons since 2003, and that makes about.. 20 conventions I’ve been to?

Q: What made you want to attempt this costume?

When I first saw Balthier’s costume I thought you have to be a complete nutcase to try to make this costume, but well, here I am. Balthier is an awesome, awesome character, and after playing FFXII I couldn’t not cosplay him. I knew making the costume would be a huge, time (and money) consuming challenge, but I love challenges, so I was very eager to see if my skills were up to this costume.

Q: How much time and money did the costume cost to make?

Oh dear. I haven’t counted, but a rough guess would be around 350 euros, probably more. Timewise, I really can’t say, I have no idea.

Q: Did you have help, or did you construct it all by yourself?

Everything is made by me, I’m really bad at asking for help when it comes to cosplay. I want to make everything myself!

Q: What was your first thought when they announced you had won?

I really, seriously couldn’t believe it, the other contestants were so amazing I wasn’t really expecting to win any prize. I think it took me few days to realize “Holy smokes Batman, I’m really going to London”.

Q: What advice would you give to cosplayers who want to make this cosplay?

Do not hesitate to buy fake leather with good quality and probably for a higher prize. And lots of it. The costume is very skin tight (besides the shirt) in the game, and it looks best in real life when it’s, you know, skin tight. Have lots and lots of patience and enough time to work on the costume. Do a lot of research on the details in this costume, because there sure are a few of them.

Q: What advice would you give to cosplayers about presenting yourself on stage in a contest?

Confidence. If you’re scared sh*tless, don’t let the audience know that. Be as faithful as you can when representing a character. Think about how you look on the stage, how you move, where you stand and how your movements look to the audience. Try to bring something original into your performance, but remain true to your character. And practice. A lot. If you forget something on stage, don’t let it show. Be confident!


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