Eurocosplay 2010: Sweden: Sedra

Wednesday 9 June 2010

Sweden’s representative was Sedra.

Sedra won with her Gundam F91 costume at Uppcon With one BAD-ASS Gundam!

At the championships she wore her Holy Angemon from Digimon.

act start’s at 4:16

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourselves? Sedra: My alias is Sedra. I am from Sweden and I will be entering college in autumn. I am a quite shy person in general, but I talk more when I get to know the person. My family consists of 2 younger sisters and my parents, along with my parrot.

Q: How old are you?

Sedra: I am 18 years old, but I will turning 19 this summer.

Q: When did you start cosplaying and how long for?

Sedra: I started to cosplay in 2007. So that’s only three years, but my progress in making the costumes and the improvement have advanced quite fast.

Q: What attracts you to cosplay?

Sedra: I love to work my details. It’s also very rewarding to look at your work and feel that you’ve actually made that by yourself!

Q: What do you do outside of cosplay?

Sedra: A lot of different things, I enjoy watching MECHA related things. I also like to read, draw and cut movies. I play a lot of games in my free time. I also spend time with my cosplay group B.A.K.A.Cosplay and my friends.

Q: Have you entered cosplay competitions before? Have you won prizes before?

Sedra: I’ve entered a lot of them since the past three years. I started with my first costume and since then I’ve almost always made a costume which I have entered in a contest with, only a few haven’t entered one. I’ve won 2 times before, in 2009 and also got an honorable mention with one of the costumes that also won at one event.

Q: Was this your first con? If not, how many conventions have you attended before?

Sedra: No, I think it was the 10th or 9th.


Q: What made you want to attempt this Gundam costume?

Sedra: I love MECHA costumes, I’ve made a couple of them before the Gundam, and then I saw the Gundam as an opportunity of improvement and a challange to get better and see if I could pull it off.

Q: How much time and money did the costume cost to make?

Sedra: I started with the costume in august, I “Finished” it in April, though it still needs details added on it and some improvements I didn’t finish in time for the con. I worked 2-12 hours a day depending on how much time I had, I pulled almost a week full of all nighters the last weeks. So perhaps 22 hours of work on some days. A little more than half a year isn’t quite enough to make this kind of costume I suppose. It took a little over 1000$ to make, and I was trying to make it at least a little cheap to keep it in my budget.

Q: Did you have help, or did you construct it all by yourself?

Sedra: From scratch to finish I made everything completely myself, I never get help, and even when I try to explain to parents and friends what I’m doing, they more than often looks like question marks. Though some of them are getting better at understanding the ideas of my constructions little by little, they aren’t very into it.

Q: What was your first thought when they announced you had won?

Sedra: I didn’t have any thought at first, I just thought it was so worth the work and all the sleepless nights, because I really worked hard, and I was so tired that day after wearing the costume the day before. But I was happy of course!

Q: What advice would you give to cosplayers who want to make this cosplay?

Sedra: Begin on time, this thing takes a year if you don’t want to wear yourself out and end up burning yourself out or get depressed. Sketch out every single thing and detail, plan out everything in advance. Choose materials carefully and guess the total cost a little higher than you think for surprising expenses, glue is expensive on a side note, and it always takes more materials than you think, plus room for mistakes. I guessed my expenses too low still. Cardboard is a good basic if you don’t have much money, and make patterns, because you don’t want to work in the actual material right from the start, it would be way too expensive to do that. You’ll often realize you’ll have to remake things to fit.

Q: What advice would you give to cosplayers about presenting yourself on stage in a contest?

Sedra: Go through what you want to do, start with a basic idea, maybe some poses or movements and things the character does? Practice at home and use a timer to get the time right, you often have a specific time limit. Over practice a lot, because even if you get panic and blackout you will still remember most of it, if you can it as well as you can brush your teeth. Think a lot about how you move, what is visible and what is not, big movements are preferred and try not to be too hasty, but not stay at the spot and do nothing. The time can feel slower for some and faster for some, so a good thing is to count the seconds in your head and make up your own time plan in your head.

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