Eurocosplay 2010: Germany: Mayuyu

Wednesday 9 June 2010

Mayuyu won the prelimitaries at Dokomi.
She won with her Ciel cosplay.

At the championships she wore her Queen Esther.

act start’s at 4:04

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

My name is Stefanie, but my friends call me Saku or Mayu. On Animexx you can find me under “Mayuyu” (unfortunately the account is outdated. But I will try to renew it^^). I am from Germany and I live in a small state called Saarland. My hobbies are cosplay, sewing/tinkering, photograph, draw, listen to music, reading and to meet my friends ^-^

Q: How old are you?

I am 19 years old ^^

Q: When did you start cosplaying and how long for?

In May 2007 I tried to sew a kimono for the first time and in August 2007, I wore my first real cosplay. Since that moment the Cosplay has become part of my life X3

Q: What attracts you to cosplay?

What attracts me to cosplay is the whole effort and time that you put in a cosplay. You tinkering/sew a piece of textile and other materials to a work of art. All the details… these works subsequently show are worthy of admiration to all the cosplayers that make it so ^-^
But, I must say, that I want to give up in despair by most of my Cos that I made…. But if I takes then the final work and still receive positive feedback, I know that the whole effort was worthwhile ^ ^

It makes me mad fun to turn me into another person and for a few days in someone else to stand out and be, too.

And of course it’s always great to meet new people, make new friends and share tips and experiences ^–^

Q: What do you do outside of cosplay?

* Lol * there is life outside of the cosplay? XDD
When I’m not just sew, I love to photograph, listen to music and meet my friends. Sometimes I even draw or design clothes or own creations for cosplays, watching TV and am in the internet ^ ^

Q: Have you entered cosplay competitions before? Have you won prizes before?

Yes ^__^ Last year I took part in the DCM-Deutsche Cosplaymeisterschaft (German Cosplay Championship). But at that time I had not enough experience and so and so I didn’t come to the final. Next year I will try it again^^
Two times I have attended a Cosplay fashion show (category: Anime) and also won ^^
Otherwise I have just taken part in small competitions just for fun, with medium success.
But as I said, it’s still enough time to improve myself ^-^

Q: Was this your first con? If not, how many conventions have you attended before?

No, this was not my first Con. I have been to many event’s, sometimes as a visitor, sometimes as a helper ^^. I have been to the following con’s a several times Animagic, Connichi, Hanami, Fantasy Days, Leipzig Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair and a few other smaller events. How many there were in total, I don’t dare to count together

Q: What made you want to attempt this Ciel costume?

I think that Ciel is a cool character, because he is not one-sided and has so many faces. I like him ^-^ and because I love ball gowns, ruffles, roses… I fell in love with this costume when I first saw it. So I decided that I will make is sometime and months later I had the possibility to do that X3

Q: How much time and money did the costume cost to make?

Oh, I’m not quite sure. I think it was about about 200 hours and it cost about 120€.

Q: Did you have help, or did you construct it all by yourself?

I constructed it all by myself^^

Q: What was your first thought when they announced you had won?

I am not quite sure, but my first thought was probably “Finally I can take off this Cos.” XDD (in the Cos it was very hot, the day was 30 °C and I was sick -.-°°°) But I was also happy and excited how it goes on ^-^

Q: What advice would you give to cosplayers who want to make a Ciel cosplay?

A tip? Good question … but I’m sorry that I can’t answer short. But if someone wants to cosplay the same thing and has questions, then he may like to ask me ^-^ I don’t bite XPP

Q: What advice would you give to cosplayers about presenting yourself on stage in a contest?

Try to represent your character so as he is at big competitions. Funny performances are indeed great, but better for smaller competitions. Previously exercise as much as possible and do only what you can, too. Then it will works and nothing will go wrong (I hope -.-°) ^-^

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