Photographer of the month: Zebraman

Wednesday 3 February 2010

Zebraman is a very unique photographer from Belgium.
Not all people would enjoy his work.
But he is a great cosplay photographer too.

Q: What has got you to start with photography?

I started with photography, mainly because I wasn’t good at drawing. So I switched to a camera, which solved certain problems, and created many others.

Q: How long have you been a photographer?

In 88 or 89, I went to Egypt with the university, and I took my father’s old Canon FX with me. It sort of started from there.

Q: What would be your dream photoshoot?

So many choices! Anything with Kate Moss would be nice. More seriously, I would for once like to command the kind of resources they have at Vogue or Vanity Fair, where you can just pick the setting, and have assistents for hair and wardrobe and whatnot. It wouldn’t be a fashion shoot, though.

Q: In your opinion, are there any big differences between Belgian cosplayers and those of other countries?

I don’t know that many foreigners, but in my experience, not really, no.

Q: Do cosplayers make good models?

Yes and no. They are very eager, and always ready to strike a pose. On the other hand, they tend to concentrate on the costume, and do not always have the commitment to make things perfect photographically speaking.

Q: Do you have favorite cosplayers?


Q: Are there any cosplays you refuse to take picutes of?

Not really, although if costumes are really too bad, or things are too neo nazi, I might make an excuse

Q: Are you a fan of anything – anime, video games, sci-fi, etc?

Not into gaming at all, but a great fan of SF, anime, manga. I was there in 89 when Akira came out!

Q: What has been your weirdest experience while photographing cosplayers?

No strange things as such, except a very amazed wedding reception when Suiguntou walked by.

Q: You’ve been to many countries. Which has been your favorite place to shoot?

Scandinavia in the Summer.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say to the world?

Keep on making these wonderful costumes.

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