Sewing and Fabric

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General Sewing (How to Sew, How to Hem,…)

Bias Tape Guide
Bound Buttonholes
Box and Inverted Box Pleats
Button Loops
Continuous Bias Tape Tutorial
Darts -Sewing Basics
Facings Made Easy
Hem a Garment
Hemming Pants
Hemming a Pleated Skirt
Hem a Sleeve
Hidden Pockets
Ladder Stitch
Lame Trim
Let Out A Dress
Mend a Seam
Puffy Sleeves
PVC (Vinyl) Sewing Guide
Raising a Neckline
Ruffles by
Ruffles by
Scalloped Hem
Setting Sleeves into an Arm Hole
Flat Buttons
Shorten a Skirt
Snap Placement Tutorial
Shortening a Zipper
Side Pockets (With Topstitching)
Side Slits in a Skirt
Skirt Reconstruction
Take In A Dress
You can’t do that with a sewing machine
What you can do with a sewing machine
Taking in a Garment Thread #1
Taking in a Garment Thread #2
Taking in a Garment Thread #3
Tutorial: Putting on Bias Tape
Fakie Screen Printing
Weaving and Harringbone Overlay
Steaming Vinyl
Centered Zipper
Putting on Bias Tape
Puffy Sleeves
Vintage Sewing
Putting on Bias Tape
Tutorial: Centered zippers
Mini Tutorial: Steaming vinyl
Tutorial: How to use RIT Dye
Sewing tutorials:
Weaving Designs
Welt Pocket
Lame Trim
Mitering Corners
Bloomer by
Bloomer by
Bloomers tutorials
Bloomers tutorials
Bloomers tutorials
Bloomers tutorials
Neck Ruff (Ruffled Collar)
Ruffle Tutorial
Adding Cuffs to Pants
Basic Goth Sewing ~ getting started


Criss-cross dress detail provided by michellegiodano
Ribbon gathering a bodice provided by joanita
Expanding the middle of a top provided by neverendingjourney
Sewing sequins provided by AllygatorintheEl
Shirring provided by mickncrispy


Sleeves provided by kaffrin
Sleeves by
Sleeves by

Puff Sleeve
Useful Thread #1 (poofy)
Useful Thread #2 (poofy)
Sleeve Tutorial #1
Sleeve Doesn’t Fit in Armhole!


Zipper Installation Tutorial #1 (visible sport zipper)
Zipper Installation Tutorial #2 (fly zipper)
Zipper Installation Tutorial #3 (invisible zipper)
Zipper Installation Tutorial #4 (invisible zipper)
Zipper Installation Tutorial #5 (lapped)
Shortening a Zipper Tutorial #1
Shortening a Zipper Tutorial #2
How to Install a Visible, Separating Zipper
Zipper by
Zipper by
Invisible Zipper
Fly Zipper
Centered Zipper
Lapped Zipper

Dyeing Fabric

Useful Thread #1
Useful Thread #2
Dying Polyester with iDye
Can I dye acrylic fabric?
How about stockings/nylons?
Can I dye fur?
How long should the dye set?
Leatherworld Leather Dyeing FAQ
Dye Remover Thread
How do I dye spandex/lycra?
Acrylic paint instead of dye?
Can I dye polymer fabrics (neoprene, polypropylene)?
Gradient Dyeing Tutorial
Painting patent leather
Removing fabric paint
Fabric spray paint
Painting on Silk
Stencils and Stamps
Dip-dying provided by cats pajamas
Painting on stretch fabric

Fabric Applique

Appliques (How to Applique Complex Forms on Fabric)
Applique Basics

Dying and Painting

Airbrush on Spandex (Jap)
Bloodsplatter for Clothing
How to Use RIT dye
RIT Dye Colour Chart
RIT Dye: Create Custom Colours
Silkpainting and Gradient Dyeing
Painting a Unitard
Screen Printing by Taeliac
Screen Printing by
Silkscreen Printing

How to make…

Bows by
Bows by
Bows by
Bow Tutorial #1
Bow Tutorial #2
Bow Making 101


Pleated Skirt Tutorial #1
Pleated Skirt Tutorial #2
Pleated Skirt Tutorial #3
Pleats Won’t Stay In!
Circle Skirts
Half Circle Skirt
Hoopskirt by
Hoopskirt by
Lolita Skirt by
Lolita Skirt by
Five Minute Skirt
Flared Skirt
Pleated Skirts by
Pleated Skirts by
Pleated Skirts by
Skirt Patterns
Circle & Handkerchief Hem Skirts
goth loli skirt tutorial:
Pencil skirt provided by NVA
Pencil skirt with gathered waist darts provided by dottydot
Pencil skirt provided by juniperl13
Psychobilly pencil skirt provided by Vanessa Cyanide
Tutu skirt provided by SinDoll
Petticoat provided by Thumbelina
Gypsy skirt provided by skier88888
Teal panelled skirt provided by dolphin21412
Easy asymmetrical skirt provided by Roethke
Pleated lobster skirt provided by Meats no treat
Box pleated skirt provided by xxboheme
Short pleated skirt provided by comicstriptease
Pleated cat skirt provided by dusk
Striped skirt provided by rickrackruby
Ribbon skirt provided by Kiwimonkey
Mini skirt provided by a besoin de parler
Pixie skirt provided by smarmy
Swallow skirt provided by laragazza
Flamenco skirt provided by sinnimaria
1920s-style skirt provided by
Utilikilt provided by Sabertooth Pixie
Bubble skirt provided by ItalianSoda
Circle skirt with lining provided by MariskaLovesCrafts
wrap-around skirt
tutorial to make a pleated skirt
tutorial to make a pleated skirt
tutorial to make a pleated skirt
Super Easy Skirt Tutorial:
How to make a Tiered Skirt:
How to make a Tiered Skirt:


Petticoat Tutorial #1
Petticoat Tutorial #2
Petticoat Tutorial #3
What are they made of?
Useful Post
Petticoat tutorial by
Petticoat tutorial by
Petticoat tutorial by
Petticoat tutorial by
Petticoat Tutorial by
Petticoat Tutorial


Retro flower print smock provided by robotsrock
70s-style tunic top provided by peanutbutterkp37
Babydoll top provided by CraftyZary
Twisty top provided by joanita
Corset-ballet top provided by mactabilisdemens
V-Neck butterfly top provided by kaffrin
Tie-front shrug provided by skirt
Asymmetrical tie-front shirt provided by lemonadelemonade
Several tops made from stretchy cotton provided by boogieman (tuts on page 5)
Easy tube top provided by lady vampiresa
Side-gathered tube top and corset-style tube top provided by Kristen81
Gathered top provided by squirrellypoo
Halter top provided by cherigirl27
Black and teal shirt provided by iheartalex
Capelet provided by tinkerbellforever
Tank top provided by Sewaholic tutorial p 3
Tank top provided by sunnyb64
stripey silk and lace top provided by goonie
Patchwork top provided by EyelinerJunkie
Apron-style top provided by issacs dinosaur
Hoodie provided by sjwhidden (link to tut on p 2)
Cotton blouse with lace detail provided by PerachYafeh
Stripey hooded tank top provided by betty death
Gathered tank top provided by kluvlove
Apron-style top provided by BionicPassenger
Gathered top provided by squirrellypoo
Infinity Shirt provided by OriginalYouth
Cutsew blouse:
Cutsew blouse:


“Baby in clouds” dress provided by Nickybink
Green halter dress provided by dianajeanne
Halter neck sun dress provided by xoTarynxo
Sailor-esque summer dress provided by xxboheme
Flowy sundress provided by goonie
Eyelet dress provided by ffungal
Stretch knit dress provided by nicegirl512
Ribbon dress tutorial p 3 provided by sakijane
Gothic Lolita Dress provided by Lamby
Dragonfly Hippy Dress provided by weeza
Strapless Summer Flirt Dress provided by lol_lol
Kimona Dress provided by miss geek core
[http=]Summer dress from old t shirt[/url] provided by Roethe
Infinity Dress provided by Rostichery
Wa-loli dress
Wa-Loli Tutorial
Wa-Loli Tutorial
Wa-Loli Tutorial


Tying pants provided by Melladh


Reversible Ribbon Belts by Ohdarling
Hip belt provided by stopmoshun
Tie provided by hankolsen
Hellsing Tie
Ribbon scarf provided by tinafish
Tie necklace provided by Pixies
Garter provided by TheGoblinPrincess
Sleeping mask provided by SoonFamo-Artiste
Garter Belt Tutorial:
Simple Legwarmers
Mini Tutorial: Quickie Ties
Fingerless Gloves
Cosplay fingerless glove tutor
Fingerless Gloves & Net Shirts

Tipping Corset Bones
Tutorial: Tipping Corset Bones
Corset Top [ 1 ] [ 2 ]
Tipping Corset Bones
Corset provided by Roethe yukata maken sailoruniform maken pleated skirt p1 pleated skirt p2

You can’t do that with a sewing machine
What you can do with a sewing machine

Working with Giant Zippers
Fabric Index
Giant Zipper Splicing
Corset Pattern Generator
to check!
Properly Putting on a Hakama
Add EL wire to clothing
Purchasing a Pattern
Tie [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]
Singer Stitch Reference
Steaming Vinyl
Tipping Corset Bones
Turn Any Fabric into Pleather


How to make a pattern out of anything
Janchan Patterns
Simplicity Patterns
McCalls Patterns
Folkwear Sewing Patterns
Butterick Sewing Patterns
Vogue Sewing Patterns
KwikSew Patterns
Folkwear Kimono Pattern
Butterick Kimono Pattern
Roundearth Hakama Pattern Hakama Pattern
Hakama & Kimono Pattern,1333669,enEN.html…y/3597625.html